COVID-19: If It Comes To Worse –How To Keep Yourself Safe?


It’s too difficult to ignore and in fact it is widely accepted that COVID-19 is now a global pandemic. Wondered us as we are not get used that once a bustling city streets are now almost empty of vehicles passing by, resorts everywhere mostly are out of business, flea markets once being lingered by thousands of people now only a handful of people go and visit to buy.


According to the latest report of Business Insider (as of this updated writing) in which they based their data in World Health Organization (WHO), updated that the virus has killed more than 95,000 people and infected globally over 1,500,000.*

We understand that medical experts advised that this virus does not need to cause panic. It only cause “flu”, only 1% to 3% will die and that only “old people with underlying condition will be severely affected and die“.

if you’re over 60, your odds of dying are 3.6%. It gets much worse for those over 70-at 8% case fatality rate and insane for people over 80 – a whopping 14.8% CFR. 1 in 100 does feel like Russian Roulette, but these are still good odds. However, there are so many reports and cases that this virus does not choose age level and in fact individuals with preexisting health conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, are more likely to become severely ill and die.


Now, there are questions that bother me a lot. What if this pandemic becomes more vicious? Depicting to the level of ‘doomsday’ in proportion where this virus becomes more notorious and irrepressible everywhere resulted to 5:2 or more in death in ratio? What if vaccines are impossible or too late to discover by experts? Each city in the world can’t provide enough housing facility to quarantine infected individuals and what if hospitals crippled and are not safe due to overcrowded patients and doctors are virtually impossible to attend new cases of virus infections?


If this scenario comes to its worst peak. How will you take care of your own health when there is no doctor around? Hospitals are overflowing with patients infected with pneumonia-virus-related cases. -Where would you go? Do we expect security and health ‘frontliners’ to attend our care? Or in an extreme-case-scenario you already have to decide to just lay down and die? -Stupidity am I right?

The fact is, we’re already in the middle of one of the most severe health crises since the Spanish Flu and healthcare systems in most countries simply can’t handle the load anymore due to overwhelming number of cases of people infected and hospitals are understaffed and even lack of medical supplies.


If a worst case is really have to happen. Experts are advising that people must learn to be more “medically self reliant“, stuff your medicine cabinet with vitamin C supplements or any supplements strong enough to level up your immune defenses against flu and medicines for allergy and pain. You might add more over-the-counter medicines like Fiber laxative. Aspirin as a blood thinner. Atherosclerosis medication. Mevacor (lovastatin); Zocor (simvastatin). Blood thinners for stroke Coumadin (warfarin). Medications for arthritis Aleve (naproxen). Heart burn medications Zantac (ranitidine). High blood pressure medication. (Lisinopril); Tenormin (atenolol).

Try to order online necessary things to stock in your cupboard cabinet like more ready-to-eat can goods/foods, sanitary products and disinfectant alcohol. Try not to get infected as much as possible by staying at home (home quarantine), pray for the safety of your family, follow law enforcement in your village and furthermore, if you’re too concern for what-to-come scenario in your future, then this pandemic survival technique is a MUST thing to learn together with your family.


Doctor’s Book of Survival Remedies | Pandemic Protocol

About Me:

I am not a medical expert, a medical practitioner or “doomsday theorist”. All content of this blog are merely made for public information purposes only, combined with my own research on ‘how to stay safe’ and analysis what to prepare for inevitable case of worst event.


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